10 Top Pointers For Small Business

A business associate recently attended a Small Business presentation by Diane Buckner, whom most of us will recognize as the lady who introduces the ”Dragon’s Den” on TV – Here is what he said are Diane’s 10 Top Pointers for Small Business, which to my mind is the same as the 10 Top Pointers for successful sales:

  • 10 – Tuned in to trends – Use of “Twitter” and other Social Media.
  •  9 – Talk about what you are good at – Stay on a positive note at all times.
  •  8 – Tough times are not always bad times. It Opens the door for new methods of creativity.
  •  7 – PASSION – you must have a passion for what you do – without losing sight for what is practical.
  •  6 – Be Brief –Be conscious of knowing when to speak and when to shut up.
  •  5 – Show Respect – even if people don’t agree with you.
  •  4 – Address the needs of the people you are soliciting.
  •  3 – It is just as important to know your weaknesses as it is to know your strengths.
  •  2 – It is important to work hard – but not too hard. Maintain an even keel.
  •  1 – PERSISTENCE – Stick with the plan – Never give up.

Thanks to my colleague for sharing this as there are lessons in it for us all.

Aim Higher!

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