A Packed Prospect Now Means Your Sales Team Will Have A Successful Summer!

It may seem a little early to talk about the summer months, but as a sales manager you have to look that far ahead. Business can really slow down in the summer, and if your sales team does not have enough prospects in their funnel today, it can be a very difficult to make your sales goals once July and August rolls around.

First and foremost, to be successful in the summer months, each sales rep on your team has to have a packed prospect list. In fact, they should probably have double or even triple the number of prospects on the go to reach the same sales goals during the summer than they normally would during the busier months in the fall. Your team can still sell during the summer, you just need to make sure that they have enough hot prospects on the go that when one is going on vacation, another one that they can sell to is returning.

A great way for your team to generate many new prospects in a very short period of time is a blitz day. A blitz day is essentially when everyone on the sales team sets aside time to prospect all at the same time, either on the telephone, on social media, or face to face prospecting. If you take the time to have your team make more prospecting telephone calls, connect with more LinkedIn prospects, and knock on more doors now, you will glad you did at the end of August.

Not only are Blitz Days a great way to quickly create an influx of new prospects, they can also be great for team building as well. You could plan a contest around the number of calls made or the number of prospects generated, and then present prizes at a team party afterwards. You could also pair a junior rep with a senior one, and the day becomes an excellent training opportunity in addition to a lead generating exercise.

Think about it. If your business requires only a 30 day selling cycle, to make it through the summer, your sales team has to start prospecting today! Remember as Harvey MacKay once said, “Failures don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” More motivational quotes here.

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