Address Your Resume’s Cover Letter To The Right Person

Have you ever received a letter that had your name spelled wrong?  It doesn’t give the best first impression, does it? 

Not long ago I received a resume cover letter addressed to “Sunsan”.  Let me assure you that addressing your resume or cover letter to the wrong person or misspelling the company or contact name is pretty much guaranteed to have your resume filed in the round filing cabinet otherwise known as the garbage can!

When you are given a contact in the job ad, make sure to use it and that it is spelled correctly.  However when you do not have a name, the key is to remain gender neutral. It really irks me when I receive a cover letter that says only “Dear Sir”.  Also, only using “hi” may be a little too casual. You could use “Dear Sir or Madam” or “Dear ABC Company Recruiter”. If you are only using the email as your cover letter (as opposed to a formal cover letter in a file), you can just not use a greeting and just start with the body of the letter.

Remember, if you don’t address your resume properly, it was just a waste of paper. 


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