Are You Ready To Pick Up The Phone?

I was recently asked:  “If you are new to cold calling how do you know when you are ready to pick up the phone? ”  The short answer to this question is when you have properly planned your prospecting approach and you have a phone number! 

More specifically you should have prepared the following:

  • An opening statement that allows you to determine the right person you should be speaking with.
  • A headline statement that generates interest and tells the prospect what is in it for him to talk to you.
  • Qualifying questions to determine if you truly have a prospect for your product, and if so, when are they most likely to buy it.
  • A closing statement that obtains agreement from the prospect for you both to move to the next step of the sales process, and when that takes place.

You don’t wait for all the traffic lights to be green before you back the car out of the driveway in the morning.  If you run into a red light, you stop, and then start moving again when the light turns green.  It’s the same thing with prospecting.  If you run into a red light with an unsuccessful call, stop, learn from your mistakes, and then make the next one.  In other words, when in doubt if you are ready or not, pick up the phone.  Good luck and good selling!  

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  1. This is excellent advice. I might add one more dimension and that is having a script to follow, not read, but follow. It allows you to leave a more meaningful message in case of getting voice-mail and helps ensure that you cover all the bases in the event that you actually get to talk to a real person.

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