B2B Sales Connections Earns Two Online Marketing Awards

I am very pleased to announce that B2B Sales Connections has received two awards for our online marketing efforts. In addition to this blog, A Sales Compass, being recognized by Proteus B2B Marketing as “One of the Top B2B Blogs on the net”, we have also been chosen as a 2010 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner.

This shows that not only does our online content bring real value to our website visitors, but also recognizes we adhere to all email marketing best practices and ethics, while still achieving better than average open and click through rates.

B2B Sales Connections marketing accolades are the result of a unique approach the company calls DRIP Marketing; Directed Relationship Intervention Prospecting Marketing.  As my business partner, Robert Weese puts it, our success is based on following a very simple and repeatable process that anyone can implement to deliver relevant content at the exact time your prospects want it.

Now more than ever, your online content has to be focused on delivering educational content, not just sales pitches. If your website is just an online repeat of your brochures you are missing a huge opportunity.  DRIP Marketing ensures that you stay in frequent contact in order to build a relationship with the prospect so when he is ready to buy, he will think of you first.  It’s like every contact is a drip of water.  On its own, it doesn’t amount to much, but over time, each drip can add up to a very large pool.

For more information on how a DRIP Marketing Program can help you or your company achieve greater sales success, please do not hesitate to contact either Bob or myself.

To view our complete press release, please visit the B2B Sales Connections Newsroom.

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Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Connections

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