How To Promote A Sales Person To Sales Manager Successfully

A direct sales position is quite a different role than that of a sales manager.  As such, it requires a different skill set to be successful.  I think this is one of the biggest reasons why so many sales people fail when they are promoted to management.

Earlier in my career, I was a top producing sales rep who was promoted into management.  I was one of the few who made this transition successfully, eventually developing into a top producing sales manager as well.  Looking back, I think there were four basic reasons why I was able to make this move, where so many others have not.

  1. I had a very strong desire to move into management.  In fact I approached the company with my aspirations, as opposed to them approaching me.
  2. I had the right personality that was a good fit for management.  In fact, I was actually formally assessed to ensure that I had the personality traits and aptitudes that are required to be successful in management.
  3. I did not initially have all the skills of a sales manager.  Therefore I was given proper sales management training, and was properly mentored through my development.
  4. I did not have to take a pay cut to go into management.  I was compensated based on the team’s performance, with the opportunity to earn a higher income as a successful manager than I could as a successful sales representative previously.  This motivated me to develop 10 more independent top producers, as opposed to just selling on their behalf by myself.

As I said, looking back, I really believe that if any of the four of the above were missing, I would have just been another sales rep who couldn’t cut it as a sales manager.

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Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Connections

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