Is Sales Training Really Necessary?

Is sales training really necessary?  To answer that question, you need to look at the facts. 

Numerous studies show that 25 percent of sales representatives produce 90 to 95 percent of all sales. Clearly, most sales people are not selling up to their potential and therefore not making the incomes they could, nor producing the revenues they should.  Why is this case?  It’s not that the job can’t be done because 25 percent are doing it, and doing it well.  It’s because the other 75 percent either are not in the right sales position or they truly don’t know how to sell.  If all sales people knew and did what the top 25 percent do, then all sales people would be selling more!

You want your mechanic well trained, you want your financial advisor well trained, you want your doctor well trained and yes, you should want your sales team well trained. It is amazing that some companies today spend more on photocopier maintenance than they invest in those employees in charge of driving revenue for the company, the very lifeblood of the business!

Both managers and sales representatives alike need to buy into the fact that, regardless of the years of experience in the trade, the learning should never stop.  If most of the sales are produced by so few of the sales representatives, obviously there is room for improvement for the rest.  Great sales people and sales managers are not born, they are made!  They are the result of hard work, passion, motivation to excellence and most importantly, training.

Aim Higher!

Susan A. Enns, Sales Coach & Author of Action Plan For Sales Management Success
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