Make Sure To Continue Your Job Search During the Holidays!

Have you found yourself saying “I can’t find a job now. I’ll start looking after the Holidays.” Or how about “It’s the summer time. No use in job hunting now.” Stop!   The typical vacation months are a great time to continue your job search.

Companies are always looking and yes the numbers might drop during the holiday season or in the summer, but this provides serious job searchers with an advantage. If the number of people actively looking drops during this time then the number of competitors for that job has also dropped. This provides a great opportunity for job seekers who keep looking.

It may be a little trickier to schedule interviews around vacation schedules, but stick with it because you could be very glad you did. Many companies hire in the Fall so that the new employee is trained in time to start the new year at full speed.  Also, many companies also hire early in the New Year and the smart ones are gathering resumes and candidate profiles right now so they will be ready to hit the ground running come January.

When you are looking to make a career change, be determined and don’t settle for less than you want. As Virgil once said, “Persistent work triumphs.” More motivational quotes here.

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Aim Higher!

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