On Your Resume, Lead With Your Best!

Recruiters make their decision about a candidate during the first page of their resume.  Some experts even believe you only have the first half of the first page to capture the recruiters attention.  Therefore, you have to lead with your best.

The main headings of your resume should be:  Employment History, Education, Other Skills and Activities.  If you are a recent graduate and your education is your greatest asset, then it should be listed first.  However if you are a seasoned sales professional, your work experience should go first.

Regardless of whether you list your education or work experience first, you should always put your listings in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position listed first.

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Simply put, the better you prepare for your job search, the better your chances of getting your dream job.  Remember what Earl Nightingale once said; “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” More motivational quotes here

Aim Higher!

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