Automated Sales & Sales Management Tools

Every professional has their tools of the trade. A surgeon must have a scalpel to operate and a carpenter must have a hammer to build. The automated sales tools created by B2B Sales Connections are the “must have” tools of the sales profession!

B2B Sales Connections Automated Sales Tool TestimonialMany studies show that sales people only spend about 25 percent of their time selling. That is actually only ten hours of selling time a week, or only 500 hours per year. Taking a step further, if you have a $1 million quota, your time is worth $2,000 per hour!

Now imagine how much more you would produce if you could free up just one more hour a week to spend on selling! One of the best ways to do this is with automation.

Remember, every hour freed for selling earns you $2000! At that rate of return, an investment in the right sales tool is a smart one!


B2B Sales Connections Automated Sales Tool TestimonialIf you have ever thought to yourself “it certainly would save time if only I had a tool to do this” or “I know I could sell more if there were more hours in a day”, then you already know the importance of the right automated sales tools.

Need a customized automated sales tool? Contact us and we will create it for you! After all, the only difference between a good idea and a great idea is implementation!

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