What Do You Look For In a Business Partner?

Independent Sales Agents from B2B Sales ConnectionsI was recently reading that sales agents and independent resellers abandon a product not because of issues with the product but because of the problems caused by the manufacturer or principal they must deal with.

When you are looking for a new product or service what are the traits you want in a business partner?

What do you hope the product or service can do for your company?

What are the three biggest problems you encounter in your partnerships?

I look forward to reading your observations and opinions.

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Robert J. Weese

B2B Sales Connections


One thought on “What Do You Look For In a Business Partner?

  1. Hi Robert,

    The type of partnership I seek is to become a trusted partner with all my clients. I seek to become a reliable collaborator with my clients, whereby they can feel free to contact me for advice and dialogue, about common concerns, without any clear expectations for quid pro quo. This process can lead to higher margins, more repeat business, cross-selling, lower price sensitivity, and shorter sales cycles. It is about being less concern with achieving an immediate sales and more concern at ensuring that my services will receive a more positive consideration when the time comes to make a decision about purchasing. It is also about establishing credibility with my clients. It provides value that is based on sound ethical values and creates trust. Ultimately, at the end of the day we both win. A good question to ask ourselves is “how do you convince someone that you are honest and unbiased while at the same time trying to sell them something for your profit”?


    Robert Couture, CSP

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