What Is It That You Really Sell?

Quick! In 15 seconds of less, what do you do for a living? No, I didn’t ask what product or service do you sell; I asked what do you do. Believe or it not, these are two different questions.

So often we are greeted at a networking meeting or by the first sentence of an email with something like “We sell widgets.” or the ever popular “We are the leading provider of gadgets in the city.” Have you ever just tuned out of the conversation or hit delete before you get to the second sentence? So does your prospect!

When introducing yourself, be it in person or in writing, focus on what you actually do, not what you sell. It’s the benefit of what you sell that makes your prospect say “tell me more”, not the product itself. In other words, it’s not “My name is Sam Sales and I sell advertising for the Online Press.” It’s “My name is Sam Sales with the Online Press. We help businesses acquire new customers and increase sales though the effective use of online media.”

To help you get started creating your opening greeting, download our free white paper, “Creating Your Unique Value Proposition” from the B2B Sales Connections Download Centre. For detailed instructions on using your headline as part of a prospecting approach that really opens doors, check out my book, Action Plan For Sales Success.

Remember to always ask yourself, “Is it that your prospect is not interested, or that you are not interesting enough?”
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Susan A. Enns, The B2B Sales Coach, B2B Sales Connections

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