What Research & Technical Skills do Sales People Need to Succeed?

Sales Management Tips from B2B Sales ConnectionsHere is another question and answer from my interview with business.com.

Business.com: Everyone knows that with sales, communication skills are paramount. But what should you look for in terms of research and analytical skills, as well as the technical skills necessary to operate the software and hardware for the job?

Susan: When recruiting sales people, the question is not can they sell, but rather can they sell what you want sold. If your product dictates the sales person to have a certain level of analytical or technical skills to be successful, you then should make that a minimum requirement for all candidates. You either have to ensure they have the skills necessary before you hire them, or you need to add training for those skills in your onboarding process.

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Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Coach and Author of Action Plan For Sales Success and Action Plan For Sales Management Success
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