Where To Find The Best Sales Jobs

My mentor once told me, “when you are good in sales, you are never unemployed.”  The longer I am in the field, the more I realize how true that is.  Professional sales people are always in demand in the employment marketplace, however if you are looking for the right sales job, you still need to know where to look.

First you need to find the best job sources for your position.  If you are in sales, search for sales job boards and recruiters, if you are in accounting, search for accounting job boards and recruiters etc.  The more specialized the source to your chosen field of work, the better your job search results.

Also, don’t put your job search eggs all in to one basket.  Not every job source is going to list every opportunity, even if they are focused on your chosen field.  You should register with a number of different recruiters, as well as a number of different job boards.

To help you get started, check out the Directory of Canadian Recruiters and Canada Job Directory.  In our opinion, these are two of the most comprehensive lists of job search sources available online.  If you are a b2b sales professional, check out the B2B Sales Connections current sales jobs postings.  New available positions are being added regularly so be sure to check back often.

Before you start applying to a bunch of job ads, make sure your resume will do the job of landing you the interview.  Download our free White Paper “How To Write An Effective B2B Sales Resume” from the B2B Sales Connections Download Centre, or for some honest feedback on your resume, access the B2B Sales Connections Coaching Services.

While your there, you can also download our automated sales tool, Job Search Tracking Worksheet, also available for free.

Aim Higher!

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