You Can’t Sell Unless You Make Your Presentation!

Are you having trouble booking appointments to present your recommendations to your prospects?  Everything goes well in your needs analysis meetings, but when it comes time to sit down and present your solutions, the prospect won’t return your calls? 

One of the biggest mistakes made by sales representatives is that they finish a needs analysis meeting or fact find with a statement like, “Thank you for your time, Mr. Prospect. I’ll get back to you when my proposal is ready.” Weeks of voice mail tag can go by before the next meeting, and by then all of the momentum created has long since been forgotten.

A better way to end your fact find is with a statement like “Thank you for the information today, Mr. Prospect. Based on our conversation, I believe that the use of our widgets can help you to acquire new customers and increase revenues. I would like to go back to my office, put my ideas on paper, and then return next week to discuss them with you. Are you available Tuesday at 10:00, or do you prefer Wednesday at 2:00?”

A fact find interview is only considered a success if you and the prospect confirm that the sales process should continue to the next step and when that will take place.

Eliminate voice mail. Always book the next appointment.

Aim Higher!

Susan A. Enns, B2B Sales Connections,, or

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