You’re Funniest Sales Moment? is holding this great sales contest looking for your worst or funniest sales experience.   Since I always take the opportunity to laugh at myself, I thought I would take the time to share my entry with you.

Very early in my sales management career, I was on a joint field work call with a brand new representative. All of a sudden in the middle of our sales presentation, literally in the blink of an eye, the prospect fell asleep!

The rep and I sat there, looking at each other, wondering what to do. Then, after a few minutes had passed, just as quickly, the prospect woke up. I decided to cut right to the chase, flipped the proposal right to the pricing page and asked, “Mr. Prospect, is there any reason we can’t do business today?”  After thinking about things for a few minutes, there must not have been, as we signed the contracts right there and then!

You can enter’s contest at . When you are done, why not take a moment to lighten our day and share it with us as well.

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