Advertising Your Available Sales Jobs on Social Media Websites

There is no question that you need to advertise your available sales positions on the internet.  After all, that is most job seekers look these days. However if you are only advertsing on social media websites, you are not reaching all the potential sales candidates you should be.

A study conducted 2009 by AfterCollege™, an employment site for Millennials also known as GEN-Y kids, reported some astounding findings. The Millennials, who are considered the most “connected” and web savvy generation with an overwhelming commitment to social networking, ranked using social media in 15th place for finding a job.

1.  Online job board (71.9% of respondents)

2.  Apply directly to the company (70.7%)

3.  Contact someone who works for a company they would like to work for (63.1%)

15. Use social media (1.1%)

Social media maybe working well in some markets but there is a definite lack of hard evidence that this type of recruiting works for most employers looking to hire qualified sales people.  A CrossXroads ™ study found although the medium is growing, social media currently plays an insignificant role in recruiting.  In fact they found LinkedIn™ only represents 0.25% of the recruiting market.

Remember, to attract sales talent, you must advertise where sales talent looks.  Based on what the numbers show, online job boards are still the job seekers choice.  To find out more information on which online job boards work best, download our free white paper, “How To Recruit The Best Sales Professionals” from our Download Centre.  Also, for a limited time, you can advertise for direct sales reps for free on the B2B Sales Connections dedicated sales job board.  You can also post a free job ad for independent sales agents.

When you are ready to advertise your available sales postion, a sample recruiting ad is available in the automated sales tool “Recruiting, Hiring & Human Resources Tool Kit”.  In addition to the job ad, this comprehensive Word document includes a job description form, interview questions, acknowledgement forms, reference checks, an offer of employement, as well as offer, disciplinary and  termination letters.  This valuable sales tool kit is available in my book, Action Plan For Sales Management Success, or you can click here to download this valuable sales management tool.

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