What Makes the B2B Sales Connections Lead Generation & Telemarketing Services Different?

  • B2B Sales Connections Lead Generation & Telemarketing Services TestimonialWe tailor the package to fit your needs, even on a smaller scale. You can get started with only 12 hours of calling!
  • A low investment with low risk, and because the cost of the program is fixed, there are no surprises.
  • You receive reports of contacts & results, and all the information collected becomes yours.
  • Hot leads are immediately forwarded to you for follow-up. We can even book an appointment for you using your online scheduler!
  • All administration, script writing and setup time included
  • Calls are made on a predetermined schedule so you can manage your lead conversion activities at your convenience.
  • We can email out your introductory marketing material to interested prospects, saving you more time and helping to warm up the call before you pick up the phone to discuss your products.
  • You can book additional 12 or 24 hour blocks of calling as needed in the future
  • We can leaving a predetermined message if the caller reaches voice mail
  • We can collect email addresses for your follow-up marketing campaign
  • We can use your contact lists or creating new lists from online sources *

*All B2B Sales Connections Lead Generation and Telemarketing programs comply with the CRTC Do Not Call legislation and Canada’s Anti-spam legislation (CASL). We only call published business numbers not private homes and we receive and document permission to send emails to the prospects.

If you want to sell more, then let us connect you to more buyers!

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