Semi-Retired Sales Professionals Needed!

There is a growing movement in small and mid-sized Canadian companies that are searching for ways to connect with recently retired or semi retired business professionals. They are in need of people who can provide knowledge and experience in areas their own management team is lacking. 

Many of these companies have built successful organizations but do not have the skills to continue their growth and cannot afford the expense of hiring a full time employee who has the expertise they need.   

Companies who have this problem face two major challenges. The first is to find a method of reaching qualified & interested semi-retired professionals outside of the normal career listing services which do not focus on attracting this growing demographic.

The second challenge is how to structure a position which meets the needs of both the company and the semi-retired individual who is looking to continue working.  To make this transition successfully companies need to look beyond the old concept of “work – life balance” and provide the prospective employee with the freedom and flexibility to create a “life – work balance”.

Often this can be achieved by determining exactly what you need the  person to accomplish and then working together to create a flexible schedule which includes specific goals and timelines. 

Our goal at B2B Sales Connections is to bridge the gap by connecting experienced semi-retired business professionals with organizations in need of business development assistance either by setting up and managing a sales team or creating sales and marketing programs directly. 

In the past two years we have heard from companies which are looking for people who can play a vital role in their success and growth  as well as semi-retired people who are looking to make a “career transition” into a new role that provides a challenge and personal fulfillment.

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Robert J. Weese

B2B Sales Connections Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Semi-Retired Sales Professionals Needed!

  1. Robert:
    I’m looking for more info/opportunitied to explore as I’ve been involved in Sales, Client Services & Management all my life.
    I’m currently involved as a rep but the bulk of the actvities are cold-calling/membership programs on a comission-only basis.
    Any advice/suggestions/direction would be welcome…

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