Start 2010 of with a Sales K.I.S.S

By most predictions 2010 is looking like a better year for business and the economy. Your company has probably cut expenses to the bone and there is no budget for sales training programs that don’t produce results. 

So why not start your New Year off on the right foot by setting goals and getting back to basics? 

When a sports team goes through a rough patch, the coach and GM don’t design new plays or spend money on a new star player. They call the team together and focus on the basics. They concentrate on what made them successful in the past. They practice the fundamentals, passing, blocking and working on plays which are proven winners. 

As a coach, when I see one of my athletes not performing to their potential, I don’t pull them aside and launch into a tirade on everything they are doing wrong. I have them analyze what they can see is occurring and then we create a strategy focusing on a few key skills that made them winners in the past. During the heat of competition it’s not the right time to overwhelm your players with new ideas and strategy.

The same focus is needed from your sales team.  Keep It Simple _ _ _ _ _ _! Focus on prospecting.  Are you making the right calls to the right people?  Are you making enough calls?  Have you identified your best market potential? Do you know why your current customers deal with you? Are you finding out what causes your prospects pain and how you can help them gain

As a sales manager you need to take the time to monitor the productivity of your sales team and provide one-on-one coaching as you see problems develop.  Anyone who has read even the most basic business psychology text knows that the simple act of monitoring an individual or team leads to increased productivity. When we know someone is watching we work harder. If you take a few minutes each and every day to ask your sales people about the calls they are making and discuss specific outcomes, you will see improvements.

Make sure both you and your team set personal and business goals for this New Year.  They need to determine exactly how many suspects, prospects, proposals and closed sales they need each week or month to make their target.

Getting off to a great start is one of the key components to having a great year. Business associate Ron Vereggen of Rapid Success Coaching provides the following insight; “If you are on track by March 31st, you have an 80% chance of hitting your year end goals. However, if you are not on track by March 31st you only have a 20% of achieving them.”

If you would like more information on how to improve your personal sales skills or ideas for your sales team please visit our resource centre.


Robert J. Weese

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