“Your Price Is Too High” is Just A Smoke Screen!

Studies show that over 70% of the time when the prospect says “your price is too high”, they really mean they don’t trust you, they don’t see the value in your solution, and just want an easy excuse to get rid of you.

Dig deeper and find out what is really holding your customer back. Review the information found in your fact finding interviews and discuss how your solution best suits the prospect’s needs. Show him how you can solve his problems better than the competition can.

For more information and detailed sales language on how to set yourself apart from your competition and uncover your prospects true objections so he will buy from you today, check out Action Plan For Sales Success.

Remember, someone will always be cheaper – so you need to be better!

Aim Higher!

Susan A. Enns, The B2B Sales Coach B2B Sales Connections

www.b2bsalesconnections.com, www.linkedin.com/in/susanenns, or www.twitter.com/SusanEnns


As Arnold Glascow said, “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

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