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How to Find Independent Sales Agents in Canada and the USA - Sales Management Tips from B2B Sales Connections

Do you need Independent Sales Agents or commission only sales reps to represent your products in Canada?

Are you struggling to grow your sales? Are you trying to decide whether the time is right to hire a direct sales force? Would you like to approach new markets using a proven business model?

Find Independent Sales Agents in Canada

It is estimated that over 70% of all products & services are sold through reseller channels not through a manufacturer or producers own direct sales force.

If your company is looking to establish an alternative sales channel, B2B Sales Connections can help. Whether it’s using dealers, resellers, independent sales agents or manufacturer's representatives, we have the expertise to see you succeed.

We have over 60 years experience building sales channels in Canada. Simply put, we can provide you with practical information or hands-on assistance to get started.

Framework For Finding Independent Sales Agents (With Template)

    Looking to Hire Commission Only Sales Agents?
    Complete our Sales Agent Search Questionnaire! We will conduct a FREE search of our 75,000+ North American sales agent database, and send you a free report that tells you how many agents listed focus on selling into your specific target market.

    We Can Help You Find Independent Sales Agents in Canada

    Are you wondering how you can create your own independent sales agent program to help your business grow? B2B Sales Connections has many tools to help you hire independent sales agents and commission only sales reps.

    Independent Sales Agents in Canada and the USA - B2B Sales Connections Independent Sales Agent Recruiting Testimonial
    • How to Find, Recruit and Manage Independent Sales AgentsA step-by-step guidebook by Robert J. Weese, showing you how to set up your own sales agent program. It's is a proven, turnkey system that will become the foundation of your sales agent program. 'This fast-moving, practical book, based on years of experience, shows you how to leverage and multiply the sales potential of your products and services, selling five and ten times as much as you ever thought possible.' – Brian Tracy, Author of 'Ultimate Sales Success'
    • How to Find 100% Commission Sales Reps in 30 Days Webinar Video-on-Demand. 'I was able to connect with 12 sales agents in a territory we were looking to fill in less than 1 week.'
    • How to Audition for Shark Tank and Dragons' DenWebinar Video-on-Demand. Clients have netted millions of dollars in investment funding with this training. “Thanks to Bob's pitch training we nailed the Dragons' Den audition and the producers invited us to the show. We scored a $500,000 investment.'
    • How to Find, Recruit & Manage Independent Sales Agents Deluxe Sales Agent Tool Kit – To help you simplify the process of setting up your own sales agent channel we have created a tool kit that includes samples of many of the documents you need to help you find, recruit and manage your team. A total of 22 documents are included. Simply copy the Word documents you need and customize them for your business model.

    Do You Need More Information?

    We'd be happy to see if we can help you reach more customers and grow your revenue. Want more information? Not sure how independent sales agents can help your business? Let's have a 15-minute chat to discuss how we can help. There is no cost for the call, and we promise to provide you 2-3 valuable ideas that will help you immediately.