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Are you wondering where to find good salespeople? B2B Sales Connections is a b2b sales recruiting service dedicated only to business to business sales professionals. If you are looking to hire sales representatives, independent sales agents, sales managers or seasoned top sales executives, we can help!

B2B Sales Connections truly is the cost effective sales recruiting alternative. Think of us as your outsourced VP of Sales Recruiting with a long track record of finding top sales professionals for our clients.

Why B2B Sales Connections is Where You Find Good Salespeople

B2B Sales Connections sales recruiting services include:

B2B Sales Recruiting by B2B Sales Connections
  • Sales Job Advertising – First we help you create your job ad to attract the right talent. We will also guide you as to where to advertise, as well as promote your position through our extensive online sales networks.
  • Ideal Candidate Profiling – We create your job description, with specific accountabilities and skill requirements. This ensures you know the perfect sales candidate when you meet them.
  • In Depth Candidate Screening including Sales Aptitude and Skills Testing, Interviewing & Reference Checking. When you are hiring salespeople, the question is not just can they sell, it’s can they sell what YOU want sold?
  • New Hire On Boarding Process Design – Even the most experienced and skilled salespeople need to put on the right road to success from the first day they walk through your door.
  • Compensation Plan and Sales Incentive Program Design – It’s been said that salespeople work as much for recognition as they do for compensation. As an employer, you need both! Otherwise, your best salespeople won’t stay with your organization for long.

A Better Way to Hire Salespeople

B2B Sales Recruiting by B2B Sales Connections

A study published by Profit Magazine reported that finding the right sales talent was one of the biggest concerns facing sales organizations. In fact, many would agree this is the number one staffing challenge facing corporations today.

However, a successful sales recruiting program is more than just placing an ad and pouring over hundreds of resumes! First you must attract the right sales talent to apply. Then you must assess that they are the right fit for your organization.

Studies show hiring the wrong sales person will cost an organization between 3 and 5 times their annual compensation plan in lost revenue, management time, training costs, customer goodwill and expenses.  You simply can’t afford to make a hiring mistake!

B2B Sales Connections can make your recruiting and hiring process quicker, easier and less expensive than ever before.

Attracting the right candidates is one thing, hiring and keeping them is quite another!

B2B Sales Recruiting by B2B Sales Connections

You must put your new sales hire on the right path to success from the time they walk in the door. You need a clearly defined On Boarding Process. Compensation and sales incentive programs must also align with both corporate and sales people objectives to foster a long term, win-win relationship. Otherwise, you will be starting the whole recruiting process over again in a very short period time!

B2B Sales Connections is a team of experienced, successful sales executives. We have developed a unique way to overcome the obstacles of attracting and hiring qualified business to business sales people. We would welcome the opportunity to share some ideas with you.

Ready to Get Started in Finding Your Next Great Salesperson?

B2B Sales Connections truly is the cost effective sales recruiting alternative to over crowded job boards, time consuming in house prescreening, and expensive recruiting agencies.

Want more information? Then schedule your free recruiting strategy session with a B2B Sales Expert today.