Stop Playing Email and Phone Tag to Arrange Meetings !!!

Sales Tips from B2B Sales ConnectionsI’m the first to admit that technology has given me much faster and more efficient methods of collaborating with clients and prospects; but I am always amazed that very few people are actually taking advantage of technology that could make their lives easier and their business run better.

Text messaging may be instant and email will allow you to communicate with people at their leisure instead of interrupting them with a phone call at an inopportune time, but there are powerful technologies that very few business people are using.

How To Eliminate Phone Tag

Does this sound like you? You’re trying to arrange a meeting or phone call with someone. You send them an email requesting a meeting, they agree.  You send a date and they get busy and don’t reply for a couple of days. By the time they reply you have already scheduled something else on that date in the time that you had made available. So you start the process again. New day, new string of emails or texts and new events keep getting in the way.

So what’s the answer? An on line calendar service that can be shared with others. I use  and there are lots of other ones available.

This simple app is connected directly to my calendar and when I have to book a meeting or phone call, I simply send the other person a link to my calendar with a message that they can choose a time that best fits their schedule. It works wonders and saves so much time.

One email or text and you are done. No need to go back and forth for days trying to synchronize your schedules.  The use of this simple app saves me time, reduces frustration and makes my day less complicated.  You will also impress your customers and clients when they realize that you have a better business system.

This is truly a work smarter not harder time management fix.

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