The ever changing job of sales

As like most things, our job as salespeople is changing. Pre-Internet, salespeople were the keepers of the information and prospects needed us as sources of knowledge and information. Not any more.

Now our prospects are often more knowledgeable about what we sell than we are. This means that instead of being involved early in the prospect’s buying process we’re coming in at the mid-point. Instead of us approaching them, they often approach us. It’s the new sales dynamic, Sales 2.0.

The ability to properly qualify the prospect is even more critical as we need to determine what mis-information the prospect might have dug up.

Sales 2.0 is also about relationships and the ability to leverage social networking will increase in importance.

Time are changing. Are you?

Brian Jeffrey

One thought on “The ever changing job of sales

  1. Great point, BrianJ! Many buyers these days are doing extensive internet research before talking to a sales representative. As you say, the danger is the mis-information they dig up.

    Buyers often base their purchasing decision on published product specifications, when in reality, they need something quite different. They typically under buy, and end up not being satisfied with the product, and blame the sales represenative for it. Not only do you have an unhappy customer who will tell others about the experience, he certainly will never buy from you again.

    In my experience, the sales representative must complete a thorough needs analysis with the prospect in these situations. Everyone wants the cheapest price, but the cheapest price for what they want. It is therefore the sales representative’s job to help the customer buy what he actually wants.

    The bottom line is the better the fact find, the happier the customer, the better the paycheck!

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