Do Recruiters Use a Keyword Search When Reviewing Resumes?

Do Recruiters Use Key Word SearchDo recruiters use a keyword search when reviewing resumes? Absolutely! If you were a recruiter, and had 400 email resumes in your inbox each morning, you would hit “control F” to quickly weed through them too.

So what are some common key words that should be included in your resume when applying for sales positions?

Here’s a short list: business to business sales, b2b sales, account management, business development, new business development, , sales management, territory management, sales representative, account executive, technical sales, channel sales, independent sales agent, outside sales, inside sales, product manager.

In addition to including key words that describe your job titles, be sure to also include keywords about the functions you performed while holding those jobs, as well as any accomplishments you earned while doing so. Some examples include: prospecting, cold calling, customer service, quota buster, quota attainment, Presidents Club, producer, proven performer, etc.

It’s also a good idea to review sample job ads for the type of positions you will be applying to before finalizing your resume. Be sure to include any keywords that repeated on a regular basis or stand out in the ads themselves. This will help to get your resume noticed, and may just be the difference maker in getting you the interview.

And of course, make sure you don’t forget the most important key word of all; the word “sales” itself. Remember as Alfred North Whitehead once said, “It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious.” More motivational quotes here.

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