Sales Resume Mistake #7 – Failure to Provide a Short Email Message

As a company that hosts a niche B2B Sales Professionals job board we get a lot of resumes. Some are for specific sales jobs we have posted on our website and others are from people who are want to become part of our database for future job opportunities.

Yet many people, who send in a resume just open their email program, add our email address and attach the resume file. No name on the resume file, just “resume”. No contact information, no note saying they are responding to our ad or anything else that tells me they are a legitimate candidate.

In a world of spam, viruses and garbage attacking our “in boxes” every hour of every day you must take a minute to communicate with the person who is doing the recruiting.

No information means junk mail and no chance at a job. If you are applying for a sales job the recruiter is judging you not only on your resume but your introductory email. Face it if you can’t sell yourself in the email, the company recruiter is most likely thinking you will have the same poor approach to selling their products.


Robert J. Weese, B2B Sales Connections,,

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