How To Become A More Productive Sales Rep

I was recently asked by a sales representative who had made a New Year’s resolution to become more productive if I had any ideas that would help.  After some reflection, I could not think of a better resolution to make than to free up more time to sell! 

Studies show that sales people only spend about 25 percent of their time selling, with the rest being spent on things such as travel, administration and service.  That is actually only ten hours of selling time a week, or only 500 hours per year.  If you have a $1 million quota, your selling time is worth $2,000 per hour! 

One of the best ways to become more productive is to automate routine tasks.  For example, the first year I automated my follow up file system, my sales increased by more than 20 percent because I freed up enough time to do one more sales call a day.  Proposal templates, automatic price calculators and automated sales reports are just a few other ways to automate.  For more ideas, check out  Virtually anything you or your sales team does over and over again can be automated, freeing time to spend on more profitable activities like selling.  

You should also delegate non-selling tasks like administration or service issues.  If you handle them yourself, before you know it, the whole day is gone, and you haven’t even picked up the phone!   As a sales professional, you are the quarterback of the team, not the whole team.

Lastly, work your territory geographically by booking your appointments in the same geographical area each day.  Time spent traveling in your car is unproductive, so minimize it!

Remember, when you become more productive, every hour freed for selling earns you $2000! Can you think of a better investment? I can’t! 

Aim Higher!

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