It’s Summer… Let’s Sell More!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Sales Coaching Chalk Talk radio program recently. The host, Hugh Liddle of Red Cap Sales Coaching, and I shared many quick sales tips on the program, including ways to stay productive this summer, how sales reps should organize their time, why just making more calls won’t guarantee sales success, why everyone needs a mentor to help you get to where you want to go, and the one thing all sales reps should do to have a major impact on their sales results.

As Hugh said, “Super interview on Sales Chalk Talk with Canadian sales expert, Susan Enns. If you’re a new salesperson or sales manager or a seasoned sales veteran or a business owner looking to bring your sales up to a level that really supports and blesses you, listen to the replay of this show! Susan shares the steps you need to take to skyrocket your sales.”

You can listen to the reply of the show here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun doing it. More importantly, I hope you find something that will help you achieve your sales potential!

UPDATE:  As of July 8, this was the most listened to show in the entire history of Sales Chalk Talk.


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For more sales techniques used by today’s top producing sales professionals, check out my book Action Plan For Sales Success. It includes specific tips and tools that you can use to impact your sales results immediately, including proven techniques to make your prospecting efforts more effective. As one reader put it, “She has helped me make more appointments, close more deals and make more money. The 3 most important concepts in sales.”

Also, for a free copy of the Goal Setting and Action Planning Worksheet I mentioned in the interview, visit the B2B Sales Connections Download Centre.

Summer is the perfect time to invest in yourself. Remember as John Wooden once said, “It’s what you learn after you know everything that counts.” More motivational quotes here.

Aim Higher!

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