Sales Management Is No Place For Your Ego!

Successful sales managers understand they will be more successful when they work through and with other people, namely their sales team. They are confident with their personal selling abilities, but they also know that they will be more successful if they teach their team to sell and make them feel good about themselves while doing so. 

In order to do this, as the sales manager, you need to check your ego at the door. You have to put your own need for recognition aside, and spend your efforts building up you team instead.

This is especially true when you do joint field work with your sales representatives. Sales people can get down on themselves pretty quickly, and that serves no purpose to anyone. You want your representative leaving the joint field work session feeling good about the experience and secure in the knowledge that you want them to succeed

If you lost a sale, help them to learn from it, and move on. If you closed a sale together, give them all the credit and recognition for it, especially in front of other members of the sales team. As sales manager, you take all of the crap, but none of the glory.

Remember, the true marks of a successful sales manager are the teeth marks on his tongue!

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