Should You Hire Men or Women For Sales?

I was recently asked, “Should you hire men or women for sales?”  It’s not the first time I have been asked this, and it’s probably not the last. 

Even speaking as a woman who was definitely in the minority in the companies I have worked for, yet was still recognized many times as a top performer in various sales capacities, I am always cautious about making generalized statements about whether women or men are better suited for sales. 

Was I the top sales representative because I was a woman, or was it because I practiced better sales and sales management techniques than my male counterparts?   

As sales managers and recruiters, we need to dig deeper into the personality traits required to succeed in sales and then look to find them or develop them in the sales representatives we recruit.  By properly evaluating your top performers as to what it is they possess that makes them successful, and using those traits to define your ideal sales candidate, you will quickly see that aptitudes and attitudes are far better indicators of sales success than gender is.

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