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How to Use Email Newsletters for Lead Generation

Are you using LinkedIn as your primary method for communicating with clients, customers and prospects? Then you are leaving your revenue at risk. What would happen if they changed their rules tomorrow? What would you do if you had to either pay extra for that ability, or they stopped free postings altogether?

Content Marketing with Email by B2B Sales Connections

Remember Facebook’s changes in 2018. Overnight they wiped out organic search. Content marketing for tens of thousands of small businesses that relied on the platform instantly changed. Now it’s “pay to play” and you better hope you can afford to reach your audience.

You shouldn’t rely on other platforms for your business survival. You MUST have a way to communicate with your audience that you own and you control and newsletters are one of the best formats.

In this episode of LET’S TALK BUSINESS, I’m speaking with Antoinette Burrell of Kismet Digital about the power of using newsletters for your content marketing.

Creating Content is One Thing. Distributing it is Another!

Second Eclipse is an organization with expertise in working with B2B businesses. They made a comprehensive guide with tons of information on the B2B content distribution process. They have found that there is an emphasis on creating great content, but not enough on distributing the content for B2B businesses. Without a B2B content distribution strategy, your hard work in making content may go unnoticed. So check out their guide to ensure your content is getting seen.

Email Content Marketing – Part of a Diversified Lead Generation Program

Email content marketing is often an integral part of a diversified lead generation program. The key io success in marketing is simple. Ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right target prospects, in a way they are going to hear it. Often that involves a diversified approach.

Whether it’s accelerating your LinkedIn networking, creating an email drip marketing campaign, making your introductory phone calls, or a combination of the above, B2B Sales Connections develops the most effective lead generation program, customized for you to grow your business.

Looking for more ideas to generate more leads, reduce the buying cycle and close more business? Then download my free eBook, Attract New B2B Customers Fast and Effectively Using Outbound Lead Generation from the B2B Sales Connections Free Download Centre.

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