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Home Office: Does Your Customer Care? by B2B Sales Connections

Does you customer care about a home office? Will they care when the pandemic is over? How do you address these challenges?

Working from a home office may be common place and generally accepted since the pandemic, but it always wasn’t that way.

Many business people, specifically those just starting out that previously worked out of a “bricks & mortar location were nervous about letting clients find out they worked from a home office.  First they didn’t’ know what to say when someone requested a meeting at their office and then there was always the fear the client will think they are “small potatoes” because you didn’t have an office building.

The question now is what will your customer think about you working from home when the pandemic is over? How do you address these challenges?

I was a manufacturer’s rep for over 20 years and operated out of a home office when I was not travelling. First I will suggest that many home offices, mine included are better equipped than any of the cubby holes and “pods” I have seen people stuck in when working for large corporations.  The second point is to not call it a home office just call it your office.

Does you customer care about a home office? Is it the Customer’s Perception or Yours?

The perception is often more your problem than your clients concern. Here are some quick ideas and answers:

Remember This:

  • There are multi-million dollar companies operating out of home offices
  • By not commuting, you are doing your part to protect the environment
  • Eliminating your commute allows you to help more customers. You can get 2-3 extra productive hours that your not wasting on travel.
  • You are happier & more productive person who is better able to help clients with their problems & challenges
  • Many successful business started in college dorms, basements & garages  –  DELL, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, &  B2B Sales Connections to name a few

 Possible Answers/Suggestions:

  • Lets meet at a Coffee Shop. We can both get away from the distractions of our offices and then we can really focus on our project
  • I am a member of the local chamber of commerce. Let’s meet in our boardroom at that location. (very inexpensive)
  • I will be in your area   __________________. I would be happy to meet you at your office to save you the commute here and back.

Here’s a suggestion. Find a local restaurant or coffee shop run by someone who will appreciate the business. Invite your clients to meet you there. You will begin a relationship with the owner and help a local businessperson grow.

Dangers of a Home Office 

• A home office is often an open invitation for family to interrupt you when you are supposed to be working. Make sure they respect your office hours.
• Barking dogs and crying children are not a good thing when you are on the phone or Skype with clients.
• Relaxed attire is one thing but if you are attending a video meeting ditch the ball caps and old worn-out sweatshirts. Show your pride and professionalism; remember a new prospect is assessing you.
• Set your office hours and stick to them. It’s really easy for someone who has never worked on their own lose their focus. A bit of time in the garden, coffee with a neighbour, watching TV, a trip to the mall, simple errands and small distractions. You can quickly turn a full time business into a part time commitment.
• Network! If you are having trouble working by yourself then join a local chamber or board of trade and set a goal to network with new people at least once a week. It will help you build your contact base and keep you energized.

How to Organize Your Home Office

For more tips on how to work remotely, check out How Salespeople Can Work From Home Effectively and Keep a Positive Attitude. Also, be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Improve your Home Office Setup and Boost your Productivity.

Remember, a home office does not mean you are not serious about your business. It will come to represent exactly the image you choose set. Choose to be professional and that’s what you will portray.

Aim Higher!

Robert J. Weese, B2B Sales Coach

“When you lead a struggling sales division from the brink of closing to over $7.4 million dollars in annual sales you can be confident, Robert knows how to engage customers and build sales.”

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2 thoughts on “Home Office: Does Your Customer Care?

  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. Another problem I’ve come to bypass is the perception that if you’re by yourself offering a service, you’re not up to the challenge and / or workload. I’ve come to mention “we” in numerous presentations… “Our team members”, etc. Which has somehow given my service more weight… Strange, isn’t it ?

    Unfortunately, some still find it hard to believe that technology and having a great network of people specialized in other tasks than daily operations, help you do what you do best: Be there for customers.

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