The Importance of Cover Letters

Today, most cover letters are emails as opposed to actual letters as they were in the past.  The old printed cover letter used to be part of the actual resume as it was normally stapled to it.  Now, the email is read once, the resume printed and/or saved, and then the cover letter email deleted.  

As such, the format of the cover email must change from its printed ancestor.  It must be short, to the point, and must not contain any information that is not in the actual resume itself as that information will never be seen again.  It must entice the reader to read the actual resume.  Having said that, just sending an email that says you have attached your resume is not sufficient.

The format that has worked extremely well for me is as follows:

Please find attached my resume outlining my qualifications for the position of (name of position) as advertised in (name of publication or website).  My (number) years of business to business sales experience qualify me as a valuable asset. 

Some of my career highlights include:

–  (List 3 to 5 bullet points that highlight you best accomplishments or that match the qualifications listed in the job advertisement)

Thank you very much for your time and effort.  I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

(Email Address)

An email cover letter like the one above gives the reader just enough information to peak his interest.  He will want to open the resume and read more. Also, it is still short enough that the entire email will show in the Outlook Preview Pane.

Good luck in making your career connections!

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