Where Are You Looking for Sales People?

You are looking for the perfect Christmas present for a loved one.  Let’s say you decide on a hand crafted silver bracelet that will be unique and meaningful.  Where do you go to buy the gift?  Costco, Walmart, or some other big box store that deals in sales volume and mass marketing of products.

No. To find the perfect gift you would search for a custom designer or specialty jewelry store that can fill your specific need and want.  A designer could create exactly what you envision and work with you to ensure the bracelet is special. In other words you are looking to a niche retailer.

So your company is looking to hire a new sales person and you know based on the tens of thousands of dollars spent on advertising that the MEGA JOB BOARDS have more advertisers, more jobs listed and more resumes on file than anyone else.  Sounds great!  But is that really what you need?

The downfall of this mass marketing approach is the complete lack of focus and specialization.  Of course they get tens of thousands of visitors a day but do you care? When you are looking for a sales person it doesn’t matter how many nurses, waitresses, truck drivers, retail clerks and other job seekers are visiting the website. No, the only thing that counts is how many qualified job seekers are finding your ad for a sales person.   

The next problem is how quickly does your job posting getting lost in the clutter of competitive ads on these mega job boards. Take a few minutes to review all the ads that are posted and then use the website search function to search for sales jobs.  Does your job appear on the first page or are you lost in the clutter of retail sales clerks, insurance agents, real-estate agents & financial planners, door knockers and MLM’s who are all looking for people.

As a sales organization you know the importance of target marketing your message, your prospecting and your advertising budget. The same rifle vs shotgun approach should be used in searching for new sales people.  

You need to apply the same focus in your recruiting process as you do in your selling process.  For more information on a targeted marketing approach to business to business sales professionals, visit www.b2bsalesconnections.com/employers.php.


Robert J. Weese
B2B Sales Connections

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