5 Telephones Blunders Can Be Killing Your Job Search!

I just had a call I just had call from a sales person who wanted more information about a job we have posted.  This person committed 4 telephone blunders that happen all the time and unfortunately they won’t ever know why they didn’t make it to the interview process. In hopes that you don’t make the same blunders whether searching for a job or calling prospective customers I am going to list the 5 most common errors that we hear on a daily basis.

Like most sales organization the telephone is the most important method of communications and anyone looking for a sales job who hasn’t mastered the basics of using a phone is in deep trouble.  Here are 5 of the most common and easily overcome mistakes.

  1. I couldn’t understand your name when you left the message – If you don’t have an easy to understand name you better take extra care and make sure speak clearly
  2. Your message was disjointed and very confusing – If the message you leave a potential employer is not clear and concise you are going to leave them wondering how you will do when you are selling their products.  Your message to a potential employer should be a quick 30 second telephone commercial showing the value you will bring to the job.
  3. What’s that number? – You left your phone number once and the cell phone cut out briefly after you said,” 216-???-?295″ so I have now way of calling you back if your message caught my interest.
  4. The call display showed the number you call from is unavailable so there is no chance I am ever going to call you back.
  5. You rhymed off your phone number so fast that I listened to the message a couple of times and still couldn’t catch what you said.  Slow down when you leave your phone number and always say it clearly a minimum of two times.

It only takes a few seconds to correct these very common blunders and move your opportunites from “never stood a chance” to a possible “yes”. You need to to everything in your power to make it easy for a potential employer or potential client to want to do business with you.

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