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Voicemail is a fact of life in sales, but most salespeople don't know how to properly leave a voicemail message. Check out these 7 sales voicemail tips to improve your skills and receive more call backs.

7 Sales Voicemail Tips

Voicemail Tip #1: Always leave your number.

In fact, leave it twice, once close to the start of the message and again at the end. One reason to do this is your recipient may not have your number handy. Another is mobile phones can cut out. When listening to your voice mail, sometimes all your recipient can hear is '613-???-?295'.  They have no way of calling you back if they wanted to! 

Voicemail Tip #2: Slow down!

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make when leaving a voicemail message is they talk too fast. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons your prospects can’t return you calls even if they wanted too. Face it. Your prospect will delete your message before they will listen to it a second time. When you leave your number, write it down at the same time. This will ensure you're speaking slowly enough so your prospect can write it down too.

Voicemail Tip #3: Don’t always leave the same message:

Should you use a voicemail script? Absolutely! But don't always leave the same voicemail messages for prospects.  Script a series of voicemails, each with a different benefit statement.   With persistence, sooner or later one benefit message will induce the prospect to return your call.

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    Voicemail Tip #4: Use your outgoing voicemail message as a customer service tool:

    If you are in an account management or customer service sales role, change your outgoing message to invite your customers to give you more information than just their call back number.

    “Hi, this is Sam Salesrep. I am not available to take your call right now. Please leave me a detailed message as to how I can help, and I will return your call shortly.” Now when you call the customer back, they not only think you provided timely customer service, but you didn’t waste any sales time in providing it.

    Now, when you leave the answer on your customer's voicemail, they not only think you provided timely customer service, but you didn't waste any sales time in providing it.

    Voicemail Tip #5: Leave some messages after hours:

    You don't always have to answer a customer question in person to be effective.  Although not a substitute for all direct conversations with your clients, sometimes an after hours voicemail message with the requested answer not only satisfies your customer, it can save you valuable selling time as well.

    Voicemail Tip #6: Leave detailed messages:

    Tired of voicemail tag? Taking Voicemail tip #5 further, be sure that you leave a detailed message on your first call.  That way, if you are not available when your contact calls back, at least they can leave the answer to your question on your voice mail. Again, this can be a huge time saver!

    Voicemail Tip #7: Use your outgoing voicemail message as a sales tool:

    Your voicemail is not just a message taker, or it can also be a sales tool. Most times prospects and customer hear your message before they have a chance to talk to you. Why not seize the opportunity to give a brief marketing piece?  'Ask me about our new widget that will save you …' can generate some interest to be discussed further when you return your customer's call.

    The Bottom Line on Voicemail in Sales

    Should you leave a voicemail?  Absolutely! I definitely think so. As Michael Pedone, the founder of once asked, 'How many callbacks do you get if you DON'T leave a voicemail?'

    I think voicemail is an under utilized tool is a salesperson’s tool box. I think every salesperson would sell more if they took the time to improve their voicemail skills. Don’t believe me? Then check out the case of the $3 Million Voicemail.

    The bottom line is this. Use these 7 sales voicemail tips to improve your voicemail skills, save time, receive more returned phone calls and make more sales! It's that simple!

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