The Sales Manager Reports to The Sales Reps, not The VP!

It was Spencer Johnson and Larry Wilson who said “I will have more fun and enjoy more financial success when I stop trying to get what I want and start helping other people get what they want.”  The most successful sales managers, those that produce the best results, not only know this, the live it!

Successful sales managers also believe in exceptional customer service, and they know the more successful their customers are, the more successful they will be.  The key is they realize that their customers are actually their sales teams!

Have a mindset that you report to your sales team, as opposed to them reporting to you as the sales manager.  Ask them what three things you can do to help them service their customers better.  If you make their lives easier and make it easier for them to sell, they will do a better job.  Customers will buy more, making your whole team more successful.  After all, this is what your boss wants anyway, right?

Think of all those that report to you as your customer.  This is what the best sales managers do.  Help your customers get to where they want to go, and they will make you more successful.  For specific tools that not only help you to identify where each member of your team wants to go, but also the proven sales management techniques to help them get there, download my ebook Action Plan for Sales Management Success.

Aim Higher!

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