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It seems lately we’ve forgotten how to communicate not only with potential customers but with people we already know. Believe it or not, even with today’s technology, effective communication is still possible and a common time wasters like this example can actually be avoided. Here’s how.

The Phone Still Makes for Effective Communication

Is it me, or have some people forgotten the telephone exists? Lately it just seems that everyone would rather email back and forth several times when picking up the phone would be much easier and more effective.

This is not another “should you use the telephone to cold call” debate. Rather, this is about communication among people you already know; associates, peers, employees, friends, current customers, social media connections, etc.

Effective Communication or a Waste of Time?

Here is a typical example of a flurry of emails that regularly hits inboxes everywhere:

An Effective Communication Device Really Does Exist - Sales Tips from B2B Sales Connections
  • “Are you available to talk on the phone on Thursday?
  • “No, I am out Thursday, how about Friday?”
  • “Sure, that works. What time?”
  • “How about 10:00?”
  • “I prefer the afternoon.”
  • “OK, 2:00 is good. Should I call you?” …

Remember, this is all just to book a time to talk on the phone! Can you imagine the correspondence if we actually wanted to get something productive done?

I often think that I would like to respond to the first email and say something like, “No, I am out Thursday, but if you had just picked up the phone in the first place instead of taking the time to type all these emails, we would have finished our conversation by now!”

Let People Book Their Own Appointments

Besides, all these flurries of emails to book a time to talk can al be avoided if you use an online scheduler. Literally, just put the link in your email signature and tell your recipient to book their own appointment.

An online scheduler linked to your appointment calendar allows people to book appointments right into your calendar at a mutually convenient time without ever having to contact you first. This is a huge time saver and virtually eliminates that dreaded 'are you available on such and such day' game of email tag described above.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I use Google Calendar, along with Calendly as my online scheduler. They really are one of the best must-have apps for salespeople. They're also free!

How Sales Reps Should Organize Their Time (With Template and Example)

    Just Call Me!

    Sometimes using your fingers to dial really is better than using them to type. True, the person you are trying to reach may not always be available. To avoid playing voicemail tag, leave a detailed message on your first call, including the request you want to make. That way, if you are not available when your contact calls back, at least they can leave you the answer to your question on your voice mail.

    As George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” The telephone – A tool that allows live two way communication and decisions can be made instantly. Imagine that!   More motivational quotes here.

    For more tips on how to leave a proper voice mail message so prospects will actually call you back, check out my book, Quick Sales Tips.  It’s full of practical advice in bite sized pieces!

    Aim Higher!

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