Canada, the World is Watching our Recovery

In the last few weeks my email in box has been experiencing a new trend. International companies have been contacting me looking for Canadian businesses partner who can import, sell and distribute their products. 

These international business people have been watching the recovery of the Canadian marketplace and see it as a great opportunity to expand their product distribution into a country that is not still bogged down in recession. 

Why are they contacting us?  The reason is quite simple; we help companies from Canada, the US and worldwide find independent sales agents, resellers, manufacturer’s representatives or distribution companies that are looking for opportunities to form new business partnerships.

How does it work?  Using the internet to promote our own company services international businesses are finding our website and contacting us. Companies from Europe, Asia, India and Australia to name a few are all looking for Canadian businesses that can provide sales & distribution for their products.

Why is this important?  If your company can provide representation or is looking for new products you should be promoting your company, your website and your marketing strengths on the internet so manufacturers and other principals can find you the same why they are finding our company.

The bottom line! By promoting your company and services to a wider audience you will open the door to connect with businesses from other countries. This can help you expand or enhance your current product offering.  Remember to make money you need to either sell more to your existing customers or find new customers to buy your products. It’s always easier to sell more to a happy current customer than to a prospect who doesn’t know you.

Opportunity is always knocking, most of the time we just don’t hear it.


Robert J. Weese

B2B Sales Connections

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