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How do you create an elevator sales pitch? It’s simple! Just answer the question, “what do you do?”

Many business owners and sales representatives believe what they do is defined by the products or services listed in their price books. They think they sell widgets, when in reality, that’s far from the truth. You don’t sell widgets, you sell the benefits of using those widgets.

Check out this quick sales tip video for some ideas on how to create your best elevator sales pitch.

If you can’t describe what you do in 15 seconds or less, you really need to watch this.

How to create your best elevator sales pitch - Sales and Lead Generation Tips from B2B Sales Connections

How to Create the Best Elevator Sales Pitch

First, what is an elevator pitch?

In a nutshell, it’s a short and to the point sales pitch.  Succinct, yet persuasive, where any listener can understand it in a short period of time. It’s a conversation starter that sparks interest so the listener wants to hear more.

It’s called an elevator pitch because it supposed to able to be stated in the time it takes to strike up a conversation with someone on an average elevator ride.

Quick! Can you describe what you do in 15 seconds or less?  No, I don’t mean what products or services you sell. That’s how you do what you do. I mean what you do!  Why do your customers buy from you?

For example, my elevator pitch is simply, I help people and organizations sell more. Sales coaching, training, books, webinars and free resources on our website are how I do it, but that really doesn’t matter at this point. Only what I do matters. And that’s what starts the conversation.

So often we are greeted at a networking meeting or by the first sentence of an email with something like “We sell widgets.” or the ever popular “We are the leading provider of gadgets in the city.” Have you ever just tuned out of the conversation or hit delete before you get to the second sentence? So does your prospect!

Think of your elevator sales pitch as your headline in a newspaper or a social media post.  The products you sell is the article itself, not the headline. If your headline generates enough interest then the reader will ask to read the article.  

What Is It That You Really Sell?

When introducing yourself, be it in person or in writing, focus on what you actually do, not what you sell. It’s the benefit of what you sell that makes your prospect say “tell me more”, not the product itself.

For example, your elevator pitch is not “I sell advertising for the Online Press.”  It’s more like “I’m with the Online Press.  We help businesses acquire new customers and increase sales though the effective use of online media.

The bottom line is the best elevator sales pitches describe the ultimate benefit your customers gain from buying from you.  If you can state the main reason why do your customers buy from you in 30 words or less, than you have your elevator pitch.

So, whether you are at a party or a networking meeting, the next time you are asked “what do you do for a living?”, try your elevator sales pitch.  If you hear response like “That’s interesting, tell me more!” or “We have that problem.  How can you help me?” then you know you have created a great elevator sales pitch.

If you are a business or franchisor owner, how should you talk about your business’s offerings?  I share some ideas in my article, You Don’t Sell What You Think You Sell published on the Franchisor Gator.

If you would like more detailed information on how to create your best elevator sales pitch, be sure to download “How to Create Your Unique Value Proposition” from the B2B Sales Connections Free Download Centre.

Remember to always ask yourself, “Is it that your prospect is not interested, or that you are not interesting enough?” After all, as Pythagoras once said, “Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.”

Aim Higher!

Susan A. EnnsB2B Sales Coach and Author
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