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How to Manage Linkedin Connections and Sales Funnel by B2B SAles Connections
The Linkedin Sales Prospecting Funnel

Are you wondering how to manage your Linkedin connections? Are you struggling to nurture your online relationships through your sales funnel so you can generate actual prospects?

Well believe me, you are not alone! I too was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to manage my Linkedin connections and prospecting activities. Then I found a free Chrome Extension called My Most Trusted.

How I Was Wasting Time on Linkedin

I have been networking online with Linkedin for years now. What I found though is I was wasting a lot of time doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again. I was wasting valuable sales time that I could have been spending elsewhere on… I don’t know… more important things like selling.

I was manually typing out connection requests, trying to personalize each one, yet getting frustrated when the message was over the Linkedin New Connection Request character limits.

Then, when someone would accept my connection invite, I would really have no idea as to who it was or when. Yes, at one point I turned on those notification emails from Linkedin, but then I realized my inbox was already cluttered enough.

When I finally figured out who had connected with me, I really had no easy way to managing that online relationship through my sales prospecting funnel. In reality, I could not remember which connections I had opened up a conversation with, let alone what was said.

So, needless to say, after all this effort, I still had no idea which were my hottest prospects! And to me, that is the very definition of wasting valuable sales time.

A Better Way to Manage My LinkedIn Connections

Not too long ago I started using the free Chrome Extension, My Most Trusted. Actually, I should say I installed it a while back, but it’s only recently that I discovered how powerful it really is as a Linkedin social networking tool.

How to Manage Your Linkedin Connections and Sales Pipeline

Here’s why I like My Most Trusted to manage my Linkedin Connections:

1. An App That Overlays Linkedin

I don’t have to navigate to a separate dashboard or browser window to use it. My Most Trusted overlays itself on top of my Linkedin interface.  With just one click I can see the whole app right when I am on Linkedin.  That alone makes my life easier. And then one more click and it tucks itself away.

How to Manage Your Linkedin Connections from B2B Sales Connections
My Most Trusted Overlays Linkedin

2. Message Templates

My new connection request messages exist as templates in the app. When I find a new target prospect that I want to connect with, I click on the “Connect” icon. The template then automatically populates the New Connection message box, including personalized fields like the contact’s name and company. Then I click “Send” and I’m done!

3. Sales Funnel Management

The app has separate buckets where your connections reside throughout your prospecting process. After you send a connection request, your potential connections reside in the “Pending Invitations”.

Then, when you want to check who’s accepted, you simply click “Check Acceptances”. The app then moves all your new connections into the “New Acceptances” bucket for you. From there, you can send them your Acceptance Message, which is also a customizable template that resides in the app.

Lastly, after your welcome message has been sent, you can move your new connection into one of 3 stages of your customizable prospecting sales funnel. For example you could label them Relationship Building, Appointment Requests and Follow-Up. You can also create other message templates to use at any stage of the whole process.

4. Prospect Tagging and Tracking

One of the most powerful features of My Most Trusted is how you can track your relationship with your connections right in the app. First, it automatically logs each message template you have sent. It also gives you the option of adding customizable Tags, Notes and Reminders too. There’s even a link to navigate directly to your connections profile right from within the app.

Not only do these features save you a ton of time, it makes you so much more effective in creating prospects from your Linkedin networking.

What this Linkedin Connections Management Tool is NOT

Now that I have told you what the My Most Trusted app can do for you, let me be clear of what it can’t do.

Firstly, it’s not a mass connection tool that automatically sends out hundreds of Linkedin connections requests in a week, and it doesn’t include automated email. If you want more information about these types of completely automated lead generation programs, contact me directly and I will recommend some highly effective systems that do that.

Rather, My Most Trusted is a tool to use when you are laser focused on a smaller number of target prospects and you know how to search Linkedin to find them.

Also, the My Most Trusted Chrome Extension will not close sales for you. It is a lead generation tool that will help you start better sales conversations with your prospects, but you still need sales skills to close the sales.

Lastly, it’s not expensive! You can get started with a free version and then from there, it’s just a few dollars per month.

Ready to get started? You can download My Most Trusted here.

Remember, as Arnold Glascow once said, “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

Aim higher!

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