Should Salespeople Use a Script

Should salespeople use a script? That question has been debated by for years. Here’s how the top producing sales reps would answer it.

The Sales Script Debate Continues

Should Salespeople Use Scripts? - Sales Tips from B2B Sales Connections

Whether it's a prospecting approach, a fact find, or a presentation, there has always been plenty of disagreement among sales professionals as to whether what will be said should be scripted ahead of time.

Those that say that every sales call should be scripted, regardless of its purpose, believe that without a preplanned script, important information will be missed, therefore decreasing the chance of making the sale. 

On the other hand, others believe that scripting makes everything sound too 'canned', making the customer feel like he is nothing more than a commission check, therefore decreasing the chance of making the sale.

Should Salespeople Use a Script? – What the Top Producers Would Say

To script or not to script?  One only has to spend a day in the field with top sales producers to find that the answer is a resounding yes!

Ask the top sales representative in your office if you can follow them when he or she does 10 cold calls.  Does the approach sound virtually the same on each call?  Of course it does!  They may have not have done so knowingly, and it may not be written down on paper, but they have actually scripted their prospecting approach.  They use the same script each time because it has worked so well for them in the past, they would not consider changing it.

Now ask the top sales representative in your office if you can sit in with them when they do a few fact find interviews. Do the same for the presentation of offer meetings.  You will quickly see that they ask the same questions and they use the same language over and over again.  Again, consciously or unconsciously, they use scripts and they use them because they work.

Salespeople Use a A Script As Their Plan

Scripting is as much about planning as it is about anything else.  In other words, you should never speak to a customer without planning what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, and why you want to say it in the first place.

More specifically before prospecting, script your headline. You should also script your qualifying questions so that you can recognize if you are actually talking with a prospect or not. 

Before arriving for the fact find interview, make a list of all of the questions you must have answered in order to prepare your proposal.  Nothing hurts your creditability more than having to call a prospect and say that you forgot something. 

The same goes if you are presenting your offer. Plan how you will speak about your solution, how it is going to solve the customer's issues, as well as the implementation schedule to complete it.

Sample Fact Find Questions to Win More Sales Faster

    How to Create the Scripts That Are Right for You

    In much the same way a script works for an Oscar winning actor, scripts work for salespeople. An no, you won’t sound “salesy”. If you have the right script, and you rehearse it enough, it will sound as natural as can be. Again, just like it does for an Academy Award winning actor.

    Top producers know the real power of scripts. They know they work, and they close more sales when they use them. So spend a day in the field with a successful sales professional.  Why? Because you will see that they use scripting successfully. More importantly, you will also see what script will work for you!

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