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Average salaries for sales jobs - Job Search Tips from B2B Sales Connections

I am often asked by both employers and employees alike, what are the average salaries for sales jobs. 

Sources to Search Average Sales Job Salaries

Here are some sources to help you answer what you should expect as an average salary in sales:

  • To find the average salaries in your specific geographic area for all types of positions, including sales, visit Salary.com.
  • To find the average sales rep salary in Canada, check out check out Payscale.com.

Tools such as these will guide you in regards to salary expectations when asked in your next interview. Or if you are an employer, they will give you an idea of what you should be offering to potential candidates.

How to Answer, “What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Now that you know the average salaries for sales jobs in your area, the next step in your job search is to know how to answer the inevitable question “What are your salary expectations?”

There are varying schools of thought on how to answer this question. Most of what you will find on the internet is based on the “he who speaks first loses theory”. Subscribers to this theory believe that when asked, you should not answer at all. Instead, you should wait for the employer to give you a figure first. Career expert Penelope Trunk has some excellent answers on how to answer the salary question without actually answering.

Average Salaries for Sales Jobs Could be Pre-Determined by the Organization

As a sales manager however, I have a different view. When I would ask that question of a candidate, it always drove me crazy when they wouldn’t answer.

In a sales organization where there is more than one sales representative employed, the compensation plan is usually set. Any new sales rep coming into the organization would just be given the same plan with the same base anyway. If this wasn’t the case, it would cause quite the uproar as soon as the sales representatives started to compare their plans as would inevitably happen. Most times a sales organization is asking just to ensure you are a fit so that you don’t waste both your time if you aren’t in the set comp plan’s ball park.

My opinion is, if you are in sales, have a minimum figure in mind. Then you can speak in terms of overall income. “Mr. Employer, I would expect to have the opportunity to earn a six figure income. This includes a breakdown of approximately a 40/60 split of guaranteed versus performance based income.” This shows you expect a certain level, but that you are also ready, willing and able to perform to earn the rest.

The key is, no matter how you answer, you need to have a minimum amount that you would accept. No matter what it is, there is no point you pursuing an opportunity that doesn’t meet your minimum. You salary expectation is just one component what makes a good career choice. Once you know what the best sales job for you is, it is just a matter of creating a plan of action to find it.

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