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Best Quick Sales Tip from B2B Sales Connections

If you follow my Twitter feed, the B2B Sales Connections Facebook page, or our LinkedIn Company Page, you know we regularly post quick sales tips on all our social media feeds.

In fact, I think that’s one of the main reasons why Kast selected B2B Sales Connections as one of The 19 Sales Groups You Should Join On LinkedIn.

What is best quick sales tip that would have the most impact on sales results?

I post so many quick sales tips that I am often asked if I had to pick one sales tip that would have the most impact on results, what would it be?

My answer is always the same.

My best sales tip is if you are not using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, start. If you do and your contacts are only organized alphabetically like the phone book, reorganize it chronologically.

Over the past 30 plus years, any time I have worked with entrepreneurs and sales people to change their filing method of contacts from alphabetical to the date of next contact, follow up activities, and more importantly sales results improve dramatically!

If you would like more information on how to design a CRM system that will maximize your sales results yet will only take minutes per day to manage, download How to Design a CRM System from the free B2B Sales Connections Free Download Centre.

How to Design a CRM System

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    Remember as Bob Hope once said, “I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course I steered myself there.”

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