When Salespeople Let Technology Get In The Way of The Sale

Do salespeople really let technology get in the way of the sale?  Unfortunately, yes. Check out this example.

When Salespeople Let Technology Get in the Way of the Sale

When Salespeople Let Technology Get in the Way of the Sale - Sales Tips from B2B Sales Connections

I just got off the phone with an associate.  My head started shaking so much as he was telling me the story that I just had to blog about it immediately. 

My associate (I will refer to him as the prospect for our purposes) was on the phone with a salesperson.  Things were wrapping up and the next logical step was the next appointment.  The salesperson said 'Could you email me three times when you are available and we'll set our next appointment from there.'

The prospect, somewhat confused said, 'Well … uh… can't we just pick a time now while we're on the phone?'  The salesperson then replied 'It's just easier for my calendar if you email me.'

It’s Not About You, It’s About the Prospect!

I was shocked!  This sales representative actually let technology get in the way of the sale.  Sure, it may be easier for the representative to book an appointment into a program like Outlook when someone emails, but it certainly is not easier for the prospect. 

And yes, technology is contantly changing, but that’s no excuse. Sales is still a people business! One prospect on the phone is worth 10 “maybe email appointments” in your inbox!

Taking this a step further, even if the prospect actually takes the time to send the email, what are the chances that an appointment is going to be booked on with just one email?  Not likely.  All the sales representative has really done is inconvenience the prospect, and has wasted a lot of valuable sales time.

Email Template to Start Stalled Prospects

    Technology Should Help the Sale, Not Hurt It!

    The whole point is to keep the sales process moving forward.  Literally, your first sale is the next appointment! If a salesperson cannot book an appointment into their system when they are lucky enough to be speaking directly with the prospect, either in person or on the phone, then that salesperson needs to get another calendar.  The calendar after all is one of the must-have apps all salespeople need.

    In other words, perhaps your smart phone should only be a cell phone! 

    Aim Higher!

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