Follow The Job Ad Instructions!

All job ads include the potential employer’s preferred method for you to apply for the available position. Some prefer a resume by email, others still prefer fax, while others request you apply via the company’s website. Whatever the stated method, you should follow the instructions and apply as directed.

Applicants who call a recruiter when a job ad requests another method do not necessarily appear as go-getters who “make things happen”. They can actually appear disrespectful, unprofessional, and unwilling or incapable of following instructions.

Asking the recruiter to view your LinkedIn Profile when they asked you to email them a copy of your resume makes you appear as if you will not follow direction well once hired. Answering a pre-screening candidate survey question with “Please See Resume” makes you appear lazy and that you are not willing to put the time and effort in to be successful.

The bottom line is when applying for a job, thinking outside the box doesn’t always help. However you can never go wrong when you apply as directed.

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