When A Potential Employer Contacts You, Respond!

I received comments from two separate employers recently about how they have tried to contact potential candidates who have applied to their available position, only to receive no response in return.

Using the information listed on the resumes, some candidates were left a voice mail and others were sent an email. In both cases the recruiters’ messages were very clear; they were being contacted to arrange an interview. The results were always the same, however; absolutely no reply from the applicants.

For job seekers, this is inexcusable! If you have applied to the position, you are obligated to respond to the recruiter when he calls to arrange an interview. If you are not willing to do so, why bother applying in the first place? Even if it turns out that you are not interested in the position, common courtesy dictates that you at least respond.

In one specific situation, an applicant who was reached on his mobile phone stated he could not talk at the time, and told the recruiter he would call back when it was more convenient. Unbelievable! If you have put your mobile phone number on your resume, don’t even take the call unless you can talk. It’s better to let the caller leave a voice mail than to put the recruiter off like this. In this case, the candidate never did call back which just goes to show he wouldn’t have been a very good hire in the first place.

To avoid this situation, only list a phone number that you want potential employers to call. Ensure that there is the ability to leave a voice mail because a recruiter will rarely call back twice. It’s also not a good idea to have to leave it to your teenager to take messages either. If you do receive a voice mail, return it promptly, preferably the same day.

It is very common these days for many recruiters make first contact by email. Check your inbox daily and if possible, turn your spam filters off. Even if they are turned off, check your spam folders anyway to make sure you have not missed an important message. You could even add the hiring company’s domain to your safe senders list, just to be on the safe side. As mentioned above, countless career opportunities have been lost because the email from the potential employer was never answered.

Make it easy for a recruiter to contact you, and you increase your chances of getting the interview. And remember, the initial contact made by the recruiter is when you make your first impression on your potential employer. Make it a good one!

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