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How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business – Part of the Let’s Talk Business Series with B2B Sales Connections

Welcome to this edition of Let’s Talk Business. In this edition, I talk with Marlon Shaw of Speak and Grow Your Business.

How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business from B2B Sales Connections
Taking the time to hone your skills behind the mic can help grow your business!

Marlon is an award-winning inspirational speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster, and certified speaking coach. If you are looking to grow your business through speaking, Marlon has put together a professional program that will make you more confident when creating and delivering high impact presentations.

How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business

In this video, Marlon and I discuss:

  • Why you should consider speaking as a marketing strategy for your business.
    • Establish your expertise
    • Attract more clients
    • Increase brand awareness
  • What are some of the tips and important things that you need to know before you try to go out and do your first speaking engagement.
    • Understand what is the message you are taking to the marketplace
    • Who is that message for
    • What is the benefit they will get from that message
  • Why you need to lead with the audience’s pain and NOT your bio
  • How to use stories to build trust with clients and prospects
  • What are the 5 Cs and why is this formula so important in public speaking
    • Character
    • Conflict
    • Cure
    • Change
    • Carryout message
  • Why you need to connect with your audience on an emotional level and how to do that to increase your speaking effectiveness
  • When to use props when you are on stage and when NOT to
  • The critical importance of proper preparation and rehersal before speaking, even when you are an experienced public speaker
  • Why, when you hone your public speaking skills, you empower yourself with the confidence to succeed

Marlon is always an engaging and enthusiastic speaker on stage, as he was in this episode of Let’s Talk Business. And I really appreciate him sharing his expertise in this video.

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