I Don’t Have Time To Prospect!

“I don’t have time to prospect!”  There’s a line that will send your sales manager scrambling to search through their resume database.

To survive in sales, finding the time to prospect is not optional!  Every sales representative needs a steady stream of new opportunities entering their sales funnel if they expect the right amount of sales flowing out.  Most sales people know they need to prospect regularly in order to be successful in the long term.  In fact, virtually every sales professional could improve their results if they just did more prospecting.

However many are already working long hours and just don’t know where to find the time.  The best way to ensure that you always make time to prospect is to arrive at the office Monday morning with your week already booked.

Use a calendar which shows a whole week on one page.  This is critical! The only way to plan a week properly is to be able to see the entire week at a glance.  If your PDA or Smart Phone can’t show this, you can download one for free from the B2B Sales Connections Download Centre. Now go to next week’s schedule and start to plan your time and how you are going to spend it.

The first things to enter into your calendar are your booked appointments.  This includes meetings with customers, sales meetings and personal appointments.  When doing this, also write in the geographic location of each appointment using the postal code.

Book your time for office duties next.  This should be in non peak selling hours, either first thing in the morning or after 4 pm.  Preparing quotes, answering emails, returning voice mails and completing sales paperwork should be completed in this scheduled time, but only in this scheduled time and not in prime selling hours.

Lastly, but most importantly, time should be scheduled for prospecting activities.  Ensure that you book at least one hour each day. Remember, this time is a scheduled appointment just like a meeting with a prospect.  You wouldn’t cancel on a customer, so don’t cancel on yourself and your future sales success by failing to complete your prospecting activities.

Now prospect this week to fill the holes in next week.  New appointments should be booked in the same geographical locations as the existing ones.  This minimizes unproductive travel time and maximizes your time spent selling.

With some proper planning and time management techniques, you can fit more into your day.  The key is that you need to work this week to book next week! 

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0 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Time To Prospect!

  1. Those salespeople who “don’t have time to prospect” soon have all sorts of time for prospecting when their sales funnel dries up.

    Unfortunately, those who don’t practice prospecting on a regular basis simply start moaning at the loss of opportunity instead of finding opportunities (by prospecting for them).

  2. Thanks for your comments Brian. I completely agree.

    Some sales reps “binge prospect”. They run out of opportunities and then prospect like crazy. Then they have too many opportunities to follow up on, and they stop prospecting because they don’t have time.

    This unfortunately creates peaks and valleys in terms of sales results. The only way to stop this “hero, zero syndrome” and produce consistent sales results is by consistent daily prospecting!

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